The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle finally unveiled!

Ship in the storm

The famous Bermuda Triangle and  all the ocean mysteries surrounding it… You must have heard of it at least once? And perhaps you have an opinion on the cause of all the ships that have mysteriously disappeared there? The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean that combines Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

It is one of the best unsolved mysteries of the world. Since the nineteenth century, many strange stories and  rumors have been circulating about this part of the world: unexplained disappearances of cargo ships and planes, many without a trace. Some of the earliest reports of strange sightings date back to Christopher Columbus!

Over time, speculations have continued to grow  and become more viral, adding to its legend. However, no proven theories can entirely explain all the unusual incidences.  The Word Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) indicated in a 2013 report that the Bermuda Triangle  is not one of the 10 most dangerous areas of navigation in the World. In addition, the data surrounding this legend seems imprecise: the number of boats and aircraft not found, the exact causes, and even the delimitation of the area itself (it varies from 500,000 to 1.5 million square kilometers anyway …). Even insurance companies do not extra  clauses in their contracts to cover boats from entering the Bermuda Triangle.

Nevertheless, the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are still relevant today and spark people’s curiosity. Indeed, the last reported shipwreck was only in December 2020, when a ship with 20 crew members disappeared. It is yet to be found and there is no trace of its missing wreckage or debris. On average, it is said that 4 planes and 20 boats disappear unexplainedly each year in this area.

Bermuda triangle location

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: A British fashion story?

In 1964, the term Bermuda Triangle first appeared in the Argosy magazine in an article written by journalist Vincent Gaddis, in which he put together the words “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle”. The legend was born. What if the creation of this legend  was just a big marketing stunt?

As a reminder, Bermuda is an archipelago of seven main islands, although located off  North America, it has been a British colony since 1707. During the World War II, it was an important military base (British and American) because of its strategic position in the Atlantic Ocean.

Birth of Bermuda shorts

And it is thanks to these famous English soldiers of the Royal Navy that  the word Bermuda first appeared in relation to fashion. This was at the beginning of the XIX century, at the same time as the first rumors began to circulate about this area (coincidence?). The soldiers complained about the tropical climate (between 20 and 30°C all year round) and their unsuitable uniforms. They obtained permission to shorten their pants to  shorts that go down to the knees: the idea  of Bermuda shorts was born! It should be noted, however, that they had the obligation to keep their socks up to their knees. Nevertheless, this fashion was born.

Bermuda shorts becomes Bermuda’s official dress

What if all the stories born at that time had their origin in making Bermuda shorts known throughout the world? We can ask ourselves that question! Anything is possible! But if this reason does not totally convince you! Here are some other theories  to explain the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle over time.

Today, Bermuda shorts are suitable for both casual and more dressy occasions. Businessmen can wear them with a blazer, a shirt with short sleeves, with tie or not, and the famous socks up to the knees. Bermuda shorts have even become an official outfit at ceremonies, such as the opening of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

Red Bermuda Shorts during Olympic Games 2018

If you also want to wear the same Bermuda shorts of these high-level athletes, here are styles that could suit you:

Men's Chino Bermuda Shorts Red
Flat view Chino Bermuda Shorts Red
Women's Chino Bermuda Shorts Red

The different theories of the Bermuda triangle mystery

Although no definitive evidence exists to explain the  mysteries that have taken place in this maritime area, many theories continue to circulate and see the light of day every year. Here are some of them that will surely allow you to make up your own mind. .

Many ships that disappeared are still unexplained, but some missing wrecks were found several years later. The reasons for the shipwrecks have been identified as: mechanical failure, weather conditions, … Far from the mysterious clichés in short. However, this is still a tiny number compared to the amount of unsolved disappearances.

Extraordinary topological features

For a longtime, it is clear that the Bermuda Triangle has been talked about. It is an area that does not appear officially on any map of the world. However, it is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world. The Bermuda Triangle has several topological features:  

Aircraft accident Bermuda Triangle
  • The Gulf Stream, which crosses the Bermuda Triangle, is a strong ocean current that causes sudden changes in weather.
  • The deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee Depth (8,380 meters deep), is in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • The production of methane gas beneath the surface of the water is massive.

Following these natural phenomena, scientists have indicated that the origin of the tragedies of the Bermuda Triangle probably came from Siberia. In this part of the world, crevices of the seabed can open without warning. The depth of the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle and the production of methane may lead to underwater crevices opening and releasing giant bubbles of methane..These huge blowouts of gas have the potential to suck boats below the surface to the depths of the sea. It is also a plausible explanation for aircraft, whereby the density of methane in the Bermuda Triangle would disrupt the proper functioning of their engines and aircraft probes.

The case of the villainous waves

Dr. Simon Boxall, oceanographer and professor at the National Center for Oceanography at the University of Southampton, highlights the meteorology of the Bermuda Triangle to explain the recurring disappearances.

Indeed, he explains that storms can come from all directions and occasionally waves will collide and at the right moment form a giant, or ‘freak’ wave. These waves would be like a wall of water that could still reach 30 meters high and could capsize any cargo ship. For Simon Boxall, these particular stormy conditions would lead to the formation of freak waves more often than elsewhere.  

Strong winds, volcanic events, global warming, rogue waves, underwater causes, earthquakes… Can we associate all the mysterious incidents that have happened with natural causes?

Nevertheless, how  to explain the cases of  airplane crashes? No explanation is given; the riddle is still ongoing.

Freak waves Bermuda Triangle

The wackiest theories

Other more mystical theories have also appeared: paranormal phenomena. Among these, you can find ideas of alien abduction or that the Bermuda Triangle is a portal  leading to another dimension. Could it be a place planned for alien abduction ? Or maybe an underwater curse? Some even speak of a passage for Atlantis, the mythical island that may have been engulfed by a massive natural event  around 9,600 BC. There is also a rumor that the disappearance of the boats is due to a weapon of unknown land origin.

To conclude, theories around the Bermuda Triangle are still open for discussion and all of its secrets are yet to be revealed! . Which theory seems most likely to you?

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