Invented in the XIXth century by the British army on the island of Bermuda, bermuda shorts were the perfect solution to adapt military uniforms to tropical conditions. For several years, The bermuda shorts became a key piece for fashion designers.

With an efficient and comfortable style for the summer period, bermuda shorts took an easy win among men and women.

Bermuda shorts was born
in the archipelago of Bermuda


Fascinated by fashion and innovation, we decided to revolutionize the use of bermuda shorts. Simple design, classic colors, primary use… bermuda shorts did not express its full potential. So we decided to give it all attention it deserves.

Inspired by the french know-how, we create our own models and select the best textile


Triangle des Bermudas’s collection has been designed to let you to create your own style. Whether for sports or for a cocktail, you keep an aesthetic and elegant look. Bermuda shorts has now no limits and is adapted to all situations.

Our new collections of Men’s & Women’s T-shirts & Sweats allow you to complete your look to perfection. Discover also the ultimate comfort of our French Terry collection. Bermuda shorts for Men, Shorts & Bermuda shorts for Women.

The pace often lies in the details. To help you complete with style all your looks, Triangle des Bermudas offers a collection of stylish and vintage accessories, made with quality materials. Bags, shoes & belts in various styles. Be stylish up to the details with our Men & Women accessories!

The quality of our creations offers Style and Comfort in all circumstances


With dozen of colors per model, Triangle des Bermudes’ collection renew your daily and brightens your summer. 30 colors of bermuda shorts, 7 for shoes and 10 for belts, your look is now unique and you become a real fashion designer.

We select each color with care for an Unique and Timeless look


To highlight your style, our team is constantly working on the creation of new clothes and accessories.

Triangle des Bermudas offers you new materials, new cuts and new colors. Keep control over your time and summer.

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